Application Checklist

Thank you for completing the online application. Give yourself a big pat on the back, you’ve taken the first big step! There are still a few things you need to do in order to complete the application process. Please read through the list below and follow the instructions provided.


step one - complete the online application

Congratulations! If you’re seeing this page you’ve completed the first step!


step 2 - applicant intake form

Download, print, and complete, and sign the applicant intake form.


step 3 - physician form letter

Download and print the physician form letter. Have your physician complete and sign it.


step 4 - waiver of liability

Download, print, complete, and sign the Waiver of Liability form.


step 5 - photocopy your dd-214

Make a copy of your DD-214 that will be submitted with the rest of your paperwork.

You’re almost done!


After you’ve completed the forms above, scan everything into a pdf file(s) and email it to

What happens next?

Once we receive all of your documents in the mail, we match them up with the application you submitted online. Our team of dedicated volunteers will review all of your paperwork to make sure we have everything. We will then contact you and invite you to the next new veteran orientation meeting, please note that these meetings are held on a quarterly basis.
Come to orientation - things are going to get real now!!